Video Production

As a Bristol based company, Ascendancy Video is all about creative, innovative projects. We travel all over the country to produce exciting new content. Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes engage customers and build and audience through visual solutions.

Video is a powerful tool for advertising and conveying new messages. Our company provides the perfect partner on that journey. With years of experience and access to top of the range equipment, we work hard to  tailor our creativity to your business from conception to the finished product and beyond into social media. We are the only correct choice for bringing your ideas to your audience.


Our in house editor has over ten years editing experience and a custom built editing suite. Perhaps you need help finishing a project or tightening your videos to a higher standard? We can help you by providing a professional editing service to meet your individual needs. We can work with any content you provide us, consolidating archives into showreels or creating continuity through an existing video series.

Motion Graphics

If your content is lacking some visual punch then our professional motion graphics will be ideal. Using advanced design software, we can bring your logos to life. Motion graphics are perfect for keeping viewers engaged in data and are an excellent way to convey information dynamically.

Our motion graphics are created bespoke, in house and can be tailored to your individual needs, bringing numbers to life and making your logo more sharp and attractive. Our graphics are reusable for all of your future content and will help to build a recognisable brand image making your content stand out from the crowd.

Social Media

Social media is the behemoth of modern advertising and businesses live or die on their social media presence. To connect with an audience In today's market it is vital to consider how people are no longer simply consumers, but participants.

At Ascendancy Video we not only provide video content to keep social media up to date, we also provide a social media service which helps your online content reach a broader audience. We do this by putting it in front of the right people to generate a greater amount of hits, as well as continuing to moderate its content by engaging with it users and responding to messages.


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